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Please try again. Invalid characters entered. Please ensure all fields are entered correctly. Log in or Sign up. Brightness Light Mode Dark Mode. Hi Can I be tracked by my phone? A friend always seems to know where I am and he is a pretty good computer geek.

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My phone is in my name only and he is not a boyfriend but he likes to use my phone since I have the unlimited plan but lately he always questions me abit un nerving and he seems to always know where I am. Thanks Again. Like 1. It is possible. But he would have needed access to your phone to physically install a program to do that. A much simpler possibility would be something like latitude.

Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums. Like 0. The gps is free and comes with almost every phone. That's only if you're using your carriers app like vz navigator etc that you have to pay for it. Yeah, that's sounds pretty creepy, if he put one of the any number of gps location apps on ur phone then he would have no problem finding u. Just disable ur gps and he won't b able to see anything Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums. Do you have GoogleMaps on your phone?? He could have created a Latitude account via GM and kept it running with out you knowing potentially When you let someone else have access to your phone and do not monitor everything they do, it's possible they can add any app they want and if you don't check your installed apps and know what's running on your phone then you are vulnerable to this type of thing with the availability of tracking apps out there.

You can be tracked by web access very easily. Bottom line - don't loan your phone to anyone for anything unless you're going to stand right there watching them dial and hang up and take it back. Just my 2 cents. Originally Posted by NurseBerryAddict.

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If you really think he is tracking you and you are fairly comfortable with your phone there are things you can do. You could use bbsak or maxmem to try and spot any "weird" apps. Or you can completely wipe your phone and install a fresh OS. Then you can do an advanced restore with DM desktop manager and that way you can control what is reloaded to your phone.

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  8. Read the how to forums and get familiar with the terms and procedures to wipe and reinstall an OS. Someone on here might be able to provide you with a link if you can't find what you need as far as the OS goes. Hope this is helpful. Good luck. You could just have the "share location" feature set to on within BBM or a twitter program Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.

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    Why would you let anyone use your phone? I can understand if someone had their battery die or they left their phone in the car or something. Seriously, I havent had anyone ask me to use my phone in years, cell phone's are everywhere. If he asks again just say, "Sorry, Im waiting for a call.